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No Shane No Gain 


Our Story

Meet the driving force behind the NSNG fitness brand each member of our team has their own unique talent, however, we all hold one valuable tool. We all have a massive love and passion for helping others achieve goals through fitness and healthy living. We are more than just a team we are a family, when part of the NSNG team you become one of the family members. The strength of the team is each individual member. please see our team's biographies below.


Shane Williams 

Senior Personal Trainer & Founder

Area of expertise:


  • Public Motivational Speaker

  • Boxing / Boxing Coach

  • Body Sculpting

  • Weight management

  • Level 4 (Advanced) Personal Trainer

  • 5* Fitness coach & mentor


NSNG’s founder is also our Senior Trainer. Shane naturally has a love for boxing, relying on sport to get through personal challenges and as a stress management tool.  Shane has been able to build the Solid relationships he has formed over the past ten years from his passion and talent and with more than two decades of fitness industry experience and know-how Shane has managed to establish this Successful business in the heart of London.

Although Shane has proven himself to be an industrious business man he is still a fitness guru at heart stays in such amazing shape by following his body sculpting routines. At this stage in his career Shane wants to take on clients that are hungry to achieve their goals. 

you can spend 10 seconds with Shane and know that he’s extremely passionate about what he does and thrives off his satisfaction in seeing others do well from his teachings.

To find out how you can train with Shane, our Founder and one of our most respected and passionate trainers,

please contact us via the button below 



Area of expertise:


  • Pilates 

  • Martial Arts 

  • Weight management

  • Level 4 (Advanced) Personal Trainer

Mike has a deep love and passion for fitness, from a young age like most young boys. Mike loved and played football, and to a high level playing against a few well known premiship stars.

From the age of 11, Mike due to a school bully decided to try Martial Arts, his first being Aikido after a few years he then went on to study Gojo Ryu a form of Karate competing in a few competitions. Then on to Tae Kwon Do achieving his first Dan at 22. Mike still continues to train in Martial Arts now trains in Muay Thai.

Mike at the age of 25 decided to do a qualification in fitness which he achieved his level 3 NVQ in Personal Trainer. Then working in his first gym LA fitness very quickly learned a lot within the industry. And after working in various gyms/hotels. Mike decided to go alone, but not actually alone as Mike & Shane have been friends since school and have been on a fitness journey since there late teens.


Mike Apart from being qualified in personal training has a few skills to his belt. Qualified Spin instructor, Circuits & HIIT Classes, Martial Arts,

And his new found Love of Pilates *Matt

And soon Reformer Pilates.

If you would like to try pilates or book Michael please contact 

us via the button below.


Daniel Gan


I’m Daniel head of sales and online pt.

I would class myself as confident outgoing and very friendly these traits are what I think to make me good at my role in sales.

I’ve grown up having so much resilience and persistence and have bought this into my adult life. Starting in sales selling windows at the age of 15 I was always top seller and I remember my boss telling me your personality is what makes you good at what you do. 

I decided I wanted to use my skills and take it into an industry that I love and am confident in. I also wanted to sell something that I know would benefit people something else I have knowledge in and what better than fitness. 

This is why today I love doing online pt. I love being the one to push people to their limits, and motivate them to push past that pain. I love watching the progress in my clients goals and love to see the confidence in them go from strength to strength. Personal training speaks for itself. I don’t need to sell it you either want to keep fit and be the best version of yourself or not.


8 years ago I decided to do a personal training course because I wanted to be the motivator. I wanted to be the one to help push someone else’s goals, to help someone else that doesn’t have that motivation or motivator. 

And now I am part of the NSNG family. A company that unlike many others cares about their clients, absolutely love what they do. Every one of the team is amazing at what they do and it’s amazing to be part of the team.

To book an online personal training session with me today please get in contact via the contact button below.



Area of expertise:


  • Yoga

  • Hatha

  • Yin

  • Vinyasa

  • Level 4 (Advanced) Personal Trainer


Rachel qualified as a personal trainer with the YMCA. The biggest fitness industry trainers in the world. Since then Rachel has continued to increase her qualifications & fitness knowledge to help others so she can provide the very best coaching for her clients. 

Rachel plays a massive part in the No Shane No Gain brand by being our only Yoga instructor for the brand. Having a massive love for yoga herself massively helps so that passion can be shared with each of her clients.

Rachel teaches 3 types of yoga YIN, HATHA, and Vinyasa.

However, Rachel has a massive love for yoga and we are positive she will be adding more qualifications to her arsenal. 

To book Rachel for an online yoga session please get in touch via the contact button below. 




Area of expertise:


  • Weight Gain & Muscle Mass

  • Body Building & Strength

  • Boxing Coach

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer

Phearon started off in the fitness industry to build muscle effectively and to maintain size and strength. He’s been doing these workouts and has mastered the formula for building muscle and size through effective training and the right diet.

Phearon also has a massive love for boxing and his techniques are very effective. He concentrates more on technique and does get technical, but will have you floating like a butterfly and stinging like a bee.

Phearon believes in the first step of fitness. All your goals are more than achievable if you‘re willing to put the work in and if you’re ready to dedicate the time. Phearon is a tracker from the very beginning he will track your every step, every rep and every kilo. Most importantly he will not stop until you as his client have reached your goals.

To find out how you can train with Phearon please contact us below.

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