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Schedule a 

Corporate Wellbeing Day today 

Schedule an Inbody corporate day today. And leave your employees feeling valued. Knowing that you have their well-being at the heart of everything you do.

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Our Mission

Tailor made Well-Being packages to help companies perform at the highest standards. To do this we work very closely with InBody products. This helps us to.

Break weight down into muscle, fat, and body water. And learn how to make long-lasting improvements to your health. With this information it makes it a lot easier to tailor make a plan, for long lasting health results in your companies employees.


What does your weight really mean?

Schedule an Inbody test today. And discover how your changes In diet and exercise are improving your fat, muscle, and water 



Go beyond the scale 


“And see what you are made of”

Why Inbody?



InBody products have a 98.4% correlation to the gold standard DEXA device and are used globally in a range of medical environments. Validated by over 2,000 research studies and being a supplier to the NHS. InBody is efficient for use with many different diseases for screening, measuring and monitoring. Supporting professionals in rehabilitation; dieticians; paediatrics; pathology; cardiology; nephrology; bariatrics as well as many others.



InBody is the pinnacle of body composition products for the health and fitness market. Delivering medically graded products to the industry, providing accurate, comprehensive, and meaningful results for your clientele. Built on reputation and excellence, InBody is dedicated to inspiring people and motivating them to lead a healthier life.



Prevention is better than cure, Corporate health care expenditures are mainly focused on the treatment of diseases resulting from an unhealthy lifestyle. InBody have a full portfolio of products, so that corporate wellness can come to life. Ensuring that your employees feel valued, and that you have their wellbeing at the heart of everything you do.

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Day Break down 

Access to enter and leave the building

This would usually be discussed with each company beforehand as we would need to have access to the building and also have our exit planned before we finish. We are very happy to work with whatever security measures companies have in place, what we do ask for is access to come and go. As we would need lunch etc. And we would also ask that we could have access to a toilet facility.

Working with you to create the booking system 

While we have done this with many companies 25 and counting. A question that is often asked is how we get everyone booked in on the day. What we suggest is to simply have a sheet (which we can provide) at your reception 2-3 weeks prior to us doing the health day. Allowing clients to be able to book into a designated time slot. However some companies prefer do use their own systems, and ways of allowing their clients to book their designated time slots for their health check. We are also more than happy to work with you to do it this way.

Booking more than one day

Of course, some companies are bigger than others meaning not everyone will be able to get a health check slot. Which may result in booking more than one day with us. Which can all be discussed at an initial meeting. 

Set up

We would need a very small room to set up a height machine, a table and chair for blood pressure equipment and V02 machine. A space big enough for clients that request to be measured (chest, waist, arms, legs, and neck)  Happy to show you videos of how we have set up in other businesses. 

Performing the health checks 


This will include some of our friendly team coming into you for a day to help and support your employees with a (15 minute appointment) to discuss all aspects of their health which would normally cost anything from £125-£150 per person if they were to go to a private clinic. We will take each individual:


  • Height 

  • Weight 

  • Blood pressure 

  • V02 level 

  • Oxygen saturation levels

  • Body measurements (if requested)

  • The Inbody will then do its FULL BODY COMPOSITION

  • Health and well-being assessment

Working With the Best Clients and Partners

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