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Choosing a Personal Trainer in London (written by lawyers & trainers)

Finding a good personal trainer in a city of busy professionals. Things to look out for. things to definitely avoid. and how to make the most our of using a personal trainer in London

with more than 25 years experience in the fitness industry. 5 members of our fitness team and 5 busy professionals, have come together to let personal trainers and busy city workers know what works what doesn't work, some basic do's and dont's. and we have thrown some random information in there also that we hope may help either a trainer or someone looking for a trainer.

So lets dive in with what 2 lawyers, 2 bankers, and 1 barrister started with when asked.

How did you choose your personal trainer in London city?

Well first they made it clear they wanted a company that was close by. And had shower facilities. So they could do a workout before work, shower and get in the office ready for work.

secondly they all said the same that qualifications were of no relevance. And that they wanted a company who was passionate about what they do. however they obviously wanted the minimum requirements to be in place.

they also stated that space and being able to use equipment was a big issue for them as they had joined gyms and struggled to get equipment at lunch times. this forced a few workers to start looking at options of a personal trainer.

What do you expect from you trainer?

Each answer was different so we will only put the points that they all had in common. And in no particular order they all agreed that.

  • The most important thing is that they got on well with their trainer

  • the trainer had their goals and health at their top priority

  • the company offered the option of male or female trainer

  • they were flexible knowing that their work could change at any minute.

  • they were happy to start work before hours or train after work.

  • they would be more than happy to change the workouts to suit their needs.

There were many more factors but as stated before we simply put the points in which all 5 professionals had in common.

Choosing a Personal Trainer as we can see has a lot to do with time, space, comfort, professionalism, and flexibility. BUT.............................. let's talk about the price!

How much should/would you pay for a Personal Trainer in London city?

We asked our trainers first even as a personal trainer how much would you pay for a 1 hour personal training session in London city? even as fitness instructors, all of our trainers said the same thing. If my trainer is worth their fee. "were happy to pay".

Of course that's a simple thing for a personal trainer to say right? I mean we train ourselves anyway right? So of course we asked our professional's the same question!

literally none of the answers had anything in common. And to right, we all work hard everyday and we all have different life goals and expenditure etc. so we will put some of the points that

was said and hope that it helps somehow.

  • I would be happy to up to £60 per hour.

  • I would want to negotiate a price with my trainer.

  • I would want to be offered a package to get a discount on the hour.

  • I would be happy to pay £80 per hour if I get my goals.

  • there is no price I would put on my health. I'm happy to pay the going rate

To put every point on this blog would take forever so we put what we thought would help the reader (you).

With that being said we have heard a lot about price and what and how to choose a great trainer. But what do personal trainers do that are so special?

Are Personal Trainers really worth the money?

again we asked all 5 professionals the same question. and pretty much all the answers were the same we will list them below for you.

  • 100% I have reached and extended my goals since having my trainer

  • 1 million percent my trainer is now part of the family

  • even tho I don't see my trainer that often they give me the kick I need.

  • to all those thinking of personal training. GO DO IT.

  • I really wasn't sure if it was for me. looking back now I couldn't imagine my life without my trainer.

The list went on and on and on. if you're thinking where are the negatives. well from us we will say this. those 5 professionals all train with the No Shane No Gain team. and believe me we are like a family unit with our clients. you become part of the NSNG family as soon as your on board with us. and its because we do things like this blog to find out what our clients really want why we are able to stay away from negatives. and why our clients stay loyal to us for years.

Looking for a passionate personal Trainer / training company in the heart of London?

Then please read this blog before making any hard decisions as most of the information in the blog was written by busy professionals just like yourself.


No Shane No Gain

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